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What Makes a Jewellery Line Successful? (4 pics)

<p>In 2018, we’ve seen multiple jewellery launches over the decades, some successful and some not so much. Each design has a unique touch that gives the collection a signature look. <!–more http://picsinpics.com/get_img.php?img=picsinpics/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful_0.Jpg, 100 –>You would be able to pick out a piece of jewellery and have a pretty good idea as to who it is by and to what collection it belongs with.</p>
<p><img src=”http://picsinpics.com/get_img.php?img=picsinpics/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful_0.Jpg” width=”100%” alt=”reading time collections collection design multiples lines”/></p><p>For example, take the recent launch of B Dimension by Bucherer Fine Jewellery . Their latest collection, designed by Yunjo Lee brings together sophistication, creativity, elegance, and timelessness with their rings, earrings, and necklaces. Yunjo Lee’s unique take on the classic circle filled with diamonds gives this collection an urban and ultra-chic feel while remaining delicate and feminine.</p><p>Following along with the new B Dimension line, let’s see what makes a jewellery line successful.</p><p><strong><strong>Creativity and Uniqueness</strong></strong></p>
<p><img src=”http://picsinpics.com/get_img.php?img=picsinpics/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful_1.Jpg” width=”100%” alt=”reading time collections collection design multiples lines”/></p><p>It is one thing to create a jewellery line filled with precious diamonds that sparkle in the light. It is a whole other thing, though, to take that piece of jewellery and make it unique to the designer and the collection.</p> <p>When developing a collection, the designer will want to make something that is distinctive while still being desirable and classic. Going too bold and it may put off some customers. However, not being creative enough and the jewellery will blend in with all the other collections around it. Designing something that stands out, speaks to the designer and the company, and all while still have that elegant feel is essential.</p><p>We see this in Bucherer’s latest collection, B Dimension. A circle is a classic look for rings and earrings. However, Yunjo Lee took the circle and made it slightly different. Through multiple sketches, she achieved her idea of bringing a new dimension to the circle, by adding texture to the design.</p><p><strong><strong>Think Outside of the Box</strong></strong></p>
<p><img src=”http://picsinpics.com/get_img.php?img=picsinpics/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful_2.Jpg” width=”100%” alt=”reading time collections collection design multiples lines”/></p><p>Creativity doesn’t come by staying within your box and what everyone else around is doing. Developing a creative jewellery line means the designer must step outside of the traditional boundaries and be daring to design something different.</p><p>The passion of the designer takes the design outside of the box to bring forward a collection that shines. For Yunjo Lee, her passion for design and artistic work shows through in the B Dimension collection. She brought in inspiration from artists Ellsworth Kelly to give the collection a sophisticated dimension and character.</p><p><strong><strong>Aesthetically Pleasing</strong></strong></p>
<p><img src=”http://picsinpics.com/get_img.php?img=picsinpics/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful/what-makes-a-jewellery-line-successful_3.Jpg” width=”100%” alt=”reading time collections collection design multiples lines”/></p><p>A challenge in designing a successful jewellery collection is trying to make it unique and sophisticated, all while still being aesthetically pleasing. That means, the consumer must not only appreciate the design, but they must also enjoy wearing the piece.</p><p>For B Dimension, Yunjo Lee took time to create the different dimensions of the classic circle that was proportionate and symmetrical. Adding in extra touches, from the micropave of tiny brilliant diamonds that are between 0.7 and 0.9 mm in diameter, to bringing in colour from gemstones like carnelian, lapis lazuli, and onyx, will all add to the aesthetics of the collection making it that much more desirable.</p><p>Images from Timeless Jewelry by Domen / Van De Velde – See the full story here</p>