TRAVEL: 4 Tips To Plan The Ultimate Romantic Retreat (4 pics)

Whether you are young or old, the romantic getaway is never going to go away. For the former group, it’s all about basking in each other’s company. For the latter, the same applies, but it’s also probably related to getting away from the rigours of day-to-day life.

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The beauty about these trips is that you don’t have to hit the Bahamas, or another  stereotypical idyllic location of your choice . In short, as long as the two of you are there, anything will do. It might be a spa break in the Midlands , or a sporting holiday if the two of you are that way inclined. However, to make sure everything goes to plan, you need to prepare accordingly. Let’s take a look at some of the best suggestions to help you do this.

Try and get away in the off season

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of couples make is gallivanting away in the busy season. Sure, some places are certainly a little more charming when the crowds are there, but in the bid to guarantee your romantic getaway the same can’t be said in these cases. Instead, crowds will probably just equal more stress, and worse service for you. If you simply must go somewhere in the so-called busy vacation periods of the year, at least don’t try and follow the tourists and instead pick something a little more off the beaten track. Alternatively do a bit of research into the optimal quiet times to take a trip.

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It’s not all about sightseeing

Another common mistake is trying to cram in as much as possible into your itinerary. On some types of holiday, this works a charm, but when it comes to keeping alive the romance this certainly shouldn’t be the case. Sure, there’s no harm in finding the odd nearby attraction, but at least try and keep things quiet as well. Try and spend some time in your room, so you can at least enjoy each other’s company rather than countless attractions passing you by.

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Have a vague plan of action

Notice the term “vague” here. There’s nothing worse than rocking up to a hotel, only to then scratch your head as to what the two of you can do together. In response to the previous point we made, you can of course have a little room-time, but there’s only so much of this you can probably manage. The problem with not having at least a small idea of what you are doing is that you can start to bicker about exactly how you should be spending your vacation . Suffice to say, this is hardly the definition of romance.

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Don’t bring umpteen suitcases

Nowadays, it’s completely tempting to bring as many items as possible on your travels (unless you happen to be traveling on a budget airline). Again, this is a recipe for stress though. Heaving through heavy bags through local transport systems and the like is not going to perk up anyone’s mood, and again possibly allow frustration levels to boil over. Don’t fall into this trap;  pack lightly, and pack smartly.


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